Who We Are

Radical Arts for Women is a non-profit, lesbian and feminist funding organization. RAW provides small grants to Alaskan women for a variety of art projects, including theater, music and visual arts. RAW also sponsors an annual short story contest, art show, and Celebration of Change.

The purpose of Radical Arts for Women (RAW) is to:

Alaska Grrl Pride Ultimate Dance Party!

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Featuring DJ SheWo. Happening Saturday, June 14th, 6pm at Club Soraya.

Nicole Blizzard Short Story Contest

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Radical Arts for Women encourages writers to write and sponsors the Nicole Blizzard Short Story Contest, open to all women living in Alaska. The fiction pieces must be between 250 and 5,000 words and contain some lesbian content. The grand prize is $500. Entries come from all over Alaska and we encourage you to enter!

Supported by:
Pride Foundation

30th Anniversary Celebration of Change Event

Celebration of Change

Celebration of Change is undergoing an extreme makeover. There won’t be a 2014 Celebration of Change event, but get ready for an all-new event in 2015! If you are interested in being part of it all, the Coffee House events are for YOU!


Herstory (How it all Began...)

Celebration of Change was born in 1983 when a bunch of women envisioned a live production that would bring together women to share music, poetry, drama, art, dance, humor and spirituality. It was meant to be a one-time gig, but the community enjoyed it so much that a group, named 15% because a study said homosexuals represented 15 percent of the population, organized and made Celebration an annual event. 15% underwent radical changes and Celebration almost ended, however, by this time a new crop of women wanted to continue the tradition. And so Radical Arts for Women (RAW) was created. RAW produced Celebration of Change in 1996, and today the event is an annual fundraiser for RAW. Through the years, Celebration has undergone many changes and will continue to evolve with the community; if you have a vision, please consider joining the Celebration Committee next year or getting involved with RAW.